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Who are we

Confectionery manufacturer in the Republic of Uzbekistan

Our mission

To improve the quality of food for the population by distributing our products throughout the world

Our goal

To delight our customers not only in the market of Uzbekistan but throughout the world


ZAR-SUHROB LLC has been successfully manufacturing flour confectionery products in Uzbekistan for more than 10 years, and in particular baking products (code for TN VED 1905409000), with a storage period of 90 days, on new Russian equipment that have no analogues in the whole Central Asia. The company produces confectionery products for imported raw materials, in particular, the production of Kazakhstan, Turkey, France, Russia, etc. The power of our production allows to produce 250 tons. finished products per month. To date, a full-fledged production process. Our company provides products to the Republic of Uzbekistan and is ready to export products to neighboring countries. In 2013, a new confectionery production shop was opened, new production equipment from Turkey and Italy was acquired at this production department, which allows us to expand the range of confectionery products.

The company is ready to invest and open new production lines and develop other sales markets. For this we are open to your suggestions and are waiting for investors for cooperation. On the above production workshop there is a free territory, which allows you to install new production lines. To date, increased demand for products produced in the above shop. The constant status of the company is the development of quality products and timely supply. The advantage of our products is that the drying (donut products) are simple (natural) to manufacture, during production they do not use different types of preservatives and complex additives to improve the taste. Naturalness and compliance with all international standards allows us to consume the product to all age categories. During the entire existence of our company, the number of customers has only increased, long-term contracts have been concluded for the supply of our products. Providing the entire Republic (and in particular such large cities as Bukhara, Samarkand, Kokand, Navoi), we have mastered the largest distribution points, have earned the trust of customers with the same taste and quality of the product.

Today the company produces a large range of dryers:

  • Сушки Ароматные
  • Сушки Маковые
  • Сушки Малютка с маком
  • Сушки Глазированные
  • Сушки Глазированные
  • Сушки Обычные
  • Сушки Азия
  • Сушки Маковка
  • Сушки Обычные.

There is also an assortment of crackers, sweet oatmeal cookies, gingerbread. Masters and production technologists with work experience of at least 10-15 years are involved in the development. Drying is carried out in corrugated boxes and packaged at the request of the buyer. Label and packaging designs are changing and improving regularly.

We are waiting for you to cooperate with the best wishes!